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Congratulations, because if you are reading this article, you have decided to take one of the most important steps in your life.  Yes, we're talking about a marriage proposal.  Earlier, we wrote about how not to get nervous during a proposal or how to choose the perfect size ring.  You can find many different tips on our website.  But today we're going to talk about how to make your proposal personalized.  We're talking about how to choose the perfect format for your soulmate and what possible scenarios there are.

Attentiveness test
The first thing we find out from the client after we agree on our cooperation is the girl's interests.  Our main question is "Who is she?".  Knowing and understanding the seemingly insignificant details of the daily routine narrows our search for the "perfect concept".  Therefore, we can safely call this item a test of attentiveness.  Do you know her favorite movie or book, what hobbies and dreams she has, how she spends time alone with herself?  Unfortunately, from our experience, we can say that many men only pay attention to "spending time together".  Perhaps she has always dreamed of being an actress while working as a lawyer?  Then it gives us food for thought on how to make this impossible dream come true.  So now, right this second, we suggest you observe your beloved woman.  Listen to what she says, what worries her, and what makes her happy.  Knowing these things will simplify the task for both you and us.

What emotion does she associate with?
Ask yourself: "What emotions do I associate it with?"  Each of us is absolutely unique and inimitable, with many personal qualities and interests.  What word do you associate your woman with? Maybe she is fireworks or tenderness, maybe you associate her with childlike purity or wisdom.  Perhaps she is all in one.  We suggest you reduce the choice of all possible epithets and aphorisms to 3 words.  These three words will become the basis for creating your magical evening or morning.

What format to choose?
We can safely call ourselves Sherlocks.  After all, after you provide us with all the necessary information about your soul mate, we begin our investigation into the "details".  Of course, it will be more difficult without your description of your woman, but no one has canceled the power of experience.  When choosing a surprise format, you should pay attention to the occasion.  What are you celebrating and what scale is appropriate for this celebration?  Would she like you to be alone or is she a very sociable person who will be happy to gather all her people at moment "X"?  If you're interested in a romantic evening, we suggest making it more unconventional.  It all depends on your personal wishes, but you can be creative here.  It's cool to spend a good evening as a widow, but what if we offer you an interesting quest with a change of locations and impressions?

We can confidently tell you that any surprise made for your loved one will be unforgettable.  It all depends on how well you know them and how much you can trust us to find the perfect concept for them.  Don't worry, call us and we will make your special and unforgettable evening.